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2-way SMS Messaging

With TXT Plaza, it's easy to receive SMS messages, we provide complete set of tools for managing inbound messages. You can buy a dedicated number or simply use one of our shared numbers for free.

Use our shared numbers for free.

Now you can use one of shared numbers to receive messages for free. Register your keywords and start receiving messages immediately.

Get a number to send and receive SMS.

Get one or more numbers for your SMS programs. A number can be shared, i.e. used for many different campaigns. We provide both short codes and long numbers.


API options

Integrate our services immediately. Detailed documentation, and code samples are available.


Allowing you to run multiple campaigns on a single number. Available for both dedicated and shared numbers.

Inbox management

Access your messages via our control panel or API, have it forwarded to your email or phone or pushed over HTTP.

SMS 2 Email

Incoming messages can be received directly into your email inbox, no need for programming skills.


Our system supports unicode, have all letters, numerals, punctuation and symbols displayed correctly.

Traffic filter

Control your inbound messages with our powerful whitelist and blacklist feature. NO MORE SPAM.


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